You’re tired of seeing spiders, ants, and other pests around your home, and you would much rather prevent them in the first place. You’re trying to decide whether you should hire a professional or take on the task of DIY pest control – after all, there are probably plenty of available resources online, right? Our Triangle pest control company is sharing why you should choose a pro over doing it yourself.

Effective Pest Control

First, let’s consider what pest control actually entails. Because pests come from outside, the key to effective prevention is to protect the exterior of your home, typically through a barrier spray that will repel rodents, termites, ants, and spiders. This will need to be applied periodically to keep pests away from the home. Additionally, an interior treatment may be needed in the garage, under sinks, in the pantry, and around your basement to get rid of any invaders.

5 Reasons to Choose a Raleigh Pest Control Company

If you like tackling projects on your own, you may be planning a trip to the home improvement store to get what you need – a sprayer and some pesticide. Before you do, consider the five reasons why this may be one task to leave to the professionals.


The leading reason most people choose a professional company is safety. When you take on the project yourself, you’re handling harsh, often dangerous chemicals, spraying them around your home, and also having to store them.

At Stomp, we use natural-based products that repel pests but are safe to use around the home. Plus, we take them with us, so there’s no risk of a child or pet getting into the pesticide.


If you have several different pests you’re trying to repel, how do you know what treatment will offer comprehensive protection? Additionally, do you know how these chemicals will react to wood, paint, plants, and other materials because many store-bought treatments are harsh and will cause serious damage?

We have an experienced, knowledgeable team who will apply the proper pest control solutions for your home. Just as important, we know how to apply them for maximum results without harming paint, wood, concrete, or plant life.


When you choose DIY pest control, you’re having to shoulder all the responsibility. That means taking time out of your day to mix solutions, spray around your home, and clean up afterwards. While this may not seem like a big task, is it something you really want to do?

Hiring a pest control company means we come out at regular intervals, protect your property, and leave, so this is a completely hassle-free process for you and your family. There are no odors or fumes, so you don’t have to leave or even close any windows.


One of the problems with taking on pest control yourself is that what you try may not work. You spray around your home and two weeks later, there are ants coming out behind your fridge or spiders in your garage. There may be trial and error involved to find a solution that works, and during that time, how many chemicals are you exposing yourself and your family to?

At Stomp, we not only ensure effective pest control, but we also guarantee our work. If you see pests in between treatments, just give us a call and we’ll be there to take care of the issue at no charge to you. We can also spray inside the home to ensure we fully take care of the problem. i


As we mentioned above, DIY pest control may involve a lot of trial and error, repeated sprayings, and different treatments. What started as a cost-saving measure can quickly become an overwhelming expense.

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