If you are tired of seeing ants on your counter, spiders in your basement, fruit flies in your kitchen, or other pests and bugs around your home, having regular professional insect and rodent service may be the best option for you. To help you determine if this is the step you should take, our pest control company in Raleigh is sharing some answers to our frequently asked questions as well as tips to extend and improve the effectiveness of your service.

What Does Pest Control Do?

Unlike extermination which is more focused on simply eliminating the pest at the time, pest control is a more in-depth and long-term solution. Typically, on a first visit, if a customer has concerns about visible bugs or pests, a technician will determine the cause of the issue and eliminate the cause as well as exterminate the pests.

Pest control is an ongoing, regularly scheduled service where a technician will provide a barrier spray of pest repellent outside the home to prevent bugs and pests from entering along with inside treatments if needed. Continued control services ensure the insects, bugs, or rodents stay gone while looking for other warning signs or red flags that a home or business is susceptible to an infestation.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Scheduled?

There are a lot of factors that play into how often you need pest control to come to your house. Weather, home location, and personal lifestyle can all play a role. Living in Raleigh, year-round, quarterly service is best, though it is important to keep an eye out for signs of pests in between services. A quality company will provide complimentary extermination service as needed in between regularly scheduled control services.

What Should I Do Before and After My Home is Sprayed?

Our pest control service uses EPA-approved, biodegradable materials, so you can feel confident that your home, pets, and loved ones are safe, whether we’re treating the grass or spraying around doors and windows.

Before your home is sprayed:

  • DO make sure there is access to the full perimeter of your home.
  • DO make sure areas under the sink, around baseboards, and behind appliances are clear if you are receiving indoor treatment.
  • DO make sure food and beverages are put away and toiletry items are put away if receiving indoor treatment in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • DO pick up clutter and clean up anything that would attract pets or provide them with a “hiding space,” like dirty dishes left out or full trash cans.
  • DO store toys away from where a pest control technician will be spraying.
  • DO keep kids and pets inside during outdoor treatments
  • DO take kids and pets out of the home during indoor treatments (don’t worry, it’s very brief!).
  • DON’T reschedule due to weather – rain doesn’t wash away a treatment spray and actually helps activate granular pellets used to prevent certain pests.
  • DON’T forget to let a technician know if they should spray inside the home if you’ve seen evidence of pests.

After your home is treated with regular maintenance:

  • DO let interior areas that have been sprayed dry completely before mopping or cleaning
  • DO keep home clean and free of things that attract pests, like ants, roaches, and mice.
  • DO be aware that pest activity may spike for a week or two after the initial treatment as pests are driven from their hiding spaces and colonies.
  • DO call your pest control company if you’re still seeing pests at the same frequency three or four weeks after the treatment.
  • DON’T power wash your home’s exterior after you have it treated.
  • DON’T polish or strip flooring until it’s near time for scheduled service.
  • DON’T leave food and drinks out that may attract pests.
  • DON’T leave pet food out overnight.
  • DON’T leave any standing water around the outside of your home.

By following these guidelines, your treatment will be more effective! Also, any other information you should know will be communicated by your pest control company.

Is Pest Control Effective Against Most Insects & Rodents?

When provided by a reputable, experienced company, professional extermination is the only way to ensure that most pests, including mosquitoes, bees, and ants, will stay away from your home.

Ants – A Pest Control Case Study

We were contacted by a Raleigh resident because they had multiple fire ant mounds in their yard as well as small black ants in their home. For the fire ants, we treated their entire lawn with a water-activated, EPA-approved granule that not only exterminated the spiders that came in contact with it, it prevented any survivors from building new mounds in the yard, so they were all exterminated within two to three weeks.

We treated the inside of the home as well as the outside to eradicate the black ants within the residence. Our technicians looked for areas where the ants were able to enter with ease so those could be sealed while providing tips to prevent ants between treatments.

With quarterly pest control, the homeowners haven’t had any issues with any kind of ants in or around their homes! They can let their kids and pets play freely without worrying about painful ant bites or exposure to dangerous chemicals!

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