Pest Control Tips for Surviving Mosquito Season

Raliegh Mosquito Season Tips

The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the pollen is everywhere… spring is here, and so is mosquito season!

Mosquitoes are an especially aggravating pest because their bites can leave you itching and scratching for days!  Not to mention the fact that Mosquitoes can carry and spread disease and sickness.  Learning about this pesky bug can help you control and reduce the mosquito population on your property.

Avoid Standing Water

Ponds, marshes, pools, drainage ditches and any standing water are quite literally the breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Keeping your gutters clean and free-flowing, and emptying any container holding water will limit mosquito activity.  Some mosquito eggs will be dormant until they come in contact with water. It sounds crazy, but mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to 15 years through all four seasons!

Keep Up with Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance not only keeps your yard looking pretty but it can also lower mosquito swarming as well! Long grass is another breeding ground for the not-so-cute mosquito larva. Adult mosquitos also love to hang out and hide in tall grass. Odds are if your yard is well kept and more appealing to humans, it will be less appealing to mosquitos.

Ditch The Bug Zapper

Recent studies have shown that bug zappers are not an effective treatment for mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes find their meals by following the trail of carbon dioxide left by humans and other animals. Researchers say they can detect carbon dioxide emissions from over 100 feet away! So they’re not very interested in the light of a bug zapper. Some mosquitos may get unlucky when they fly too close to a zapper, but most of the time the only mosquito-like bugs you will find getting caught in your zapper are their non-biting cousins called crane flies. They’re much bigger and actually feed on nectar instead of on you and your family and pets.

Fume Them Out?

Many bug sprays do not offer much protection against mosquitoes. Not to mention they stink! And have you ever accidentally touched your face with bug spray on your hands? It’s not fun at all! You could try some DIY bug sprays or try some mosquito candles, but mosquitos are becoming less and less affected by a lot of sprays and you constantly have to reapply them especially in the heavier months of mosquito season!

Hire Professionals!

Unfortunately, over-the-counter sprays and home remedies only go so far. That’s why many people rely on professionals for effective mosquito control.¬† At Stomp we offer a comprehensive¬†Mosquito Reduction Program, at a very affordable price! Feel free to give us a call at (919) 231-3292 or fill out our contact form below!