When it’s been a long, cold winter (which this one has), we are all happily anticipating the arrival of Spring. The days are getting longer and the sun seems to be shining brighter already! But, with the warmer season approaching, pests are starting to wake up and get out just like we are. Now is the time to begin some “spring cleaning” in your yard and home to take control of any insects that may soon be encroaching on your territory. 

This is the best time of year to prepare for and prevent insects because they are in their mating phase and laying eggs. Stomp Pest Control is experienced in preparing your home and yard for spring and can help you prevent an onslaught of pests. In this article, we discuss actions to take now in order to maintain an environment that is inhospitable to these spring pests.

Pests In the Spring

As the days become warmer, you’ll have more issues with a variety of pesty insects like ants, bees, cockroaches, earwigs, flies, mosquitos, wasps, silverfish, and rodents.

  • Ants are most active in the spring
  • Beetle grubs start to feed on yard roots
  • Stink bugs come out, begin to mate, and lay eggs
  • Wasps, hornets, and yellowjacket queens come out from hibernation
  • Spiders mate in spring and eggs start to hatch
  • Ticks begin to lay eggs for the summer

Things to Do to Prevent Spring Pests

Clean Up Your Yard

Winter wreaks havoc on your yard leaving debris that bugs love. Now is the time to get rid of leaves, wood that is rotting, and dead plants. As you clear debris you eliminate some of the things insects will be trying to find for laying eggs. Pick up and move any fallen tree branches, rake leaves, and pull up dead plants. This yard cleaning goes a long way in preventing pests.

Find Standing Water

Look for areas in your yard that have standing water left from melted snow and rain. Check gutters, yards, and driveways for water that has remained from the winter. Mosquitoes like to breed in water in the warmer months so you’ll want to correct any puddles that may provide these pests with a home.

Trim Bushes and Foliage

Overgrown areas are difficult to contain when they are left unkept and can provide bugs and pests with plenty of space to proliferate so you’ll want to trim bushes and clean up flower beds.

Dispose Yard Waste

Be sure to dispose of yard waste. If you leave waste such as cut branches and leaves, you are providing areas where pests like ants, fleas, and beetles can live. 

Check for Cracks and Crevices in Foundation

Look at your home’s foundation and check for any cracks and crevices that allow pests to come indoors. Use an outdoor caulking to make appropriate repairs to those areas.

Move Clutter from Garage Floor

Be sure your garage floor is free from lumber and other clutter where insects and rodents can make a home. Put your stuff on shelves so you can easily vacuum the floor and keep it clean.

Store Firewood Away

Move firewood that is currency close to your house. This is a great place for spiders and termites to breed.

Clean Soffits

Check the soffits on your house and keep them clean. Wasps love to build their hives on these.

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