Termites can infiltrate your home and cause massive destruction to your property’s infrastructure. It’s estimated that termites cause approximately $5 billion dollars in damages annually in the United States. Homeowners can expect to shell out a staggering $3,000 in repair costs. If you think your home has termites, you should act fast! 

Contact Stomp Pest Control today for a Free and Comprehensive Termite Inspection. Our Team of extermination experts will thoroughly inspect your home for current and future infestations. By purchasing one of our pest control packages, you can save money down the line and prevent having to administer costly repairs. 

Termite Damage Happens Fast

Termites can go unnoticed due to their incredibly small stature. They often survive on dead plant material and cellulose which includes dead leaves, animal waste, and garden mulch. However, these tiny monsters especially LOVE feasting on wood! Termites come out during warmer months since they thrive in moisture and humidity. They have no problem taking up space in dark areas like the walls of your home, attic, and basement. Protect your Chapel Hill home from extensive damage by taking precautions needed in order to prevent termite colonies from forming.

Catching infestations early can save you thousands of dollars and ensure that the structural integrity of your home stays intact. 

Our Termite Removal Process

Contact our pest control company for proper extermination and preventative services. We immediately go to work and treat any underlying termite infestation wreaking havoc inside your home. Our fast-acting liquid agent administered around your home’s exterior will instantly kill termites invading your property. We also offer interior treatment that treats your termite problem safely and effectively! 

The Stomp Difference in Termite Control

Our team at Stomp Pest control aims to rid your home of unwanted pests and reduces the risk of dealing with potentially harmful health effects. Locally-owned and operated, our company provides you with:

  • Safe and effective removal services 
  • Extermination packages that stay within your budget and further prevent insects and termites from returning
  • A 6 Step Pest Control Process to eliminate annoying pests from home, including a 6-foot spray to keep pest from coming in.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact Us for Termite Control in Chapel Hill

Our goal at Stomp Pest Control is to protect your home from infestations of all kinds and help make your life a little easier.  Whether you are a home or business is in Chapel Hill, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham or anywhere else in the Triangle area, Stomp Pest Control can keep pesky critters at bay!
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