We know that bees and wasps are crucial to the ecosystem, particularly in how they pollinate plants and crops. However, they can also be invasive and dangerous, especially to people with allergies. Even to people who aren’t allergic, species like paper wasps and yellow jackets can be dangerous because they are both aggressive and build nests rapidly, which can lead to multiple stings. If you see a nest is being built or you’ve seen numerous stinging insects around your home, contact us for bee and wasp control as soon as possible.

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Why Work with a Professional Bee & Wasp Control Company?

Occasional bumblebees or honeybees, or even the random wasp is normal, but seeing several wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets is evidence a nest is nearby, and often, hard to spot. If you do see a nest, trying to remove it yourself could lead to multiple painful and dangerous stings, so it’s best to reach out to a professional to rid your home of stinging insects.

At Stomp Pest Control, we provide comprehensive, in-depth wasp extermination services as well as on-going pest control to keep them from coming back. Because bees and other stinging insects have different types of habitats and behavior patterns, our extermination methods are tailored to your infestation problem.

Common Wasps and Bees in Chapel Hill

  • Paper Wasps

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    • How big are paper wasps? The size of paper wasps range from 5/8-3/4 inches long (16-20 mm)
    • What is the scientific name of paper wasps? Polistes spp
    • They are brown in color with yellow or red marks
    • Oval-shaped with 6 long legs
    • Often referred to as umbrella wasps
    • Colonies are small but wasps are “social”
    • Known to feed off of plant nectar and other insects including flies, caterpillars, and ants
    • Females are known to migrate inside during cold months after inseminated
    • They usually build nests in trees, gaps under porches, on top of windows and doorframes, or even in gutters.
    • Will inflict painful stings if threatened.
    • Can be controlled and somewhat prevented by meticulously maintaining landscaping, walkways, railings, porches, and trees (if possible)
  • Yellow Jackets

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    • How big are yellow jackets? Between 3/8-5/8 of an inch long
    • What is the scientific name of yellowjackets? Vespula spp.¬†
    • Black with yellow-stripes and an oval shaped body
    • Found throughout the United States
    • Nests may contain thousands of bees and are most active in mid summer to early autumn
    • Will build nests high in crevices or in holes in the ground, making them easily stepped on or hit with a lawn mower
    • They are aggressive and can sting multiple times.
    • The are drawn to sweet smells, including perfume and sugary drinks as well as garbage.
  • Bumble Bee

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    • How big are bumble bees? The sized of fully-grown bumble bees are usually 1 full inch long
    • What is the scientific name of bumble bees? Subfamily bombinae; bombus species¬†
    • Yellow and black striped with a chubby-looking body
    • Found throughout the United States
    • Notorious for building nests in the ground, near patio areas, and near the top of attics
    • Often heard before seen due to loud buzz
    • Known to defend their nests very aggressively and will chase intruders or those who make them feel threatened for significant distances
    • Have a very painful sting and can sting more than once
    • Can be controlled and potentially prevented by properly maintaining your home’s lawn and ensuring it has no holes
  • Carpenter Bees

    Raleigh pest control preventing carpenter bees

    • How big are carpenter bees? Typically between 1/4-1-inch long
    • What is the scientific name of carpenter bees? Xylocopa species¬†
    • Yellowish-brownish and black in color with a fuzzy appearance, lacking markings on their abdomens
    • Often mistaken for bumble bees
    • Build nests by burrowing in wood rather than “paper” nests and tend to be solitary rather than living in colonies
    • Only the females sting and that is when threatened
  • Bald Faced Hornets

    • Wasp and Bee Pest Extermination Company Raleigh1/2 to 3/4 inch in length
    • What is the scientific name of bald-faced hornets? Dolichovespula maculata
    • Mostly black in color with a handful of white spots on body and face and a long, thin body
    • Long and thin in shape
    • Can be found throughout the United States
    • Known for being fast-moving and aggressive
    • Build large paper-like, enclosed nests in trees that have been known to grow larger than a basketball over a month or two
    • Can be controlled and possibly regulated by keeping a close eye on any potential paper-like nest forming in a tree around your home

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