Few pests can create devastating damage like termites can. In North Carolina, they emerge from their subterranean nests every spring, taking flight in vast swarms to create new colonies. Often they make their way into homes where there are plentiful sources of food, including cellulose insulation and wood floor joists, framing, and eaves. Before most homeowners even realize there home has termites, the insects have caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Instead of waiting for signs of damage, contact our termite control company in Garner. We will provide a comprehensive, free termite inspection and, if we find signs of an infestation, we will treat as needed to effectively exterminate them. We can also make sure they stay gone when you sign up for an affordable pest control package.

What Are Termites?

Termites are small insects, around 1/2″ long and between off-white and brown in color who feed on cellulose-based material, like dead leaves, paper, and wood. While termites can be active in the winter months, most species found in North Carolina are to be subterranean, meaning they dig deep into the ground, protected by warmer, moist soil.

In the spring, they emerge from underground to mate and create a new colony. You may even see swarms of them flying, thinking they may be gnats, but it’s actually hundreds or thousands of termites. Once they land, they begin seeking a food source, making their way into homes within the walls, basements, and attics where wood is plentiful and there’s little chance of being disturbed. Unless they are removed fast, the colony grows rapidly eating their way to thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home.

Our Termite Treatment Process

If you are concerned about termites, even if you haven’t seen them, reach out to Stomp Pest Control as soon as possible. A member of our extermination team will come to your home to provide a free termite inspection that includes looking for damage or signs of an infestation.

If we find termites or damage caused by them, we will discuss a termite treatment plan for both outside and inside your home. Our liquid pest control treatments are safe but highly effective at getting rid of termite infestations.

Why Choose Our Garner Termite & Pest Control Company?

At our termite and pest control company, top priority is providing safe, effective solutions for getting rid of insects, vermin, and pests and keeping them gone. To provide the best customer service possible, we offer fast removal and affordable packages that include our 6-step pest control process:

  • Home inspection to provide custom extermination services
  • Spot treatments inside the home and infestation removal
  • Aerial defense to make sure nests aren’t forming in the higher part of the house, like the eaves and doors.
  • Six-foot power spray around the exterior to keep termites from nesting in your flower beds and around your home.
  • Water-activated granulation so it won’t wash away in the rain.
  • On-going communication so you can let us know if you have any issues in between treatments.

Every service includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can feel confident your home is termite-free!

Contact Us for Termite Control in Garner

We know how devastating termite damage can be to homeowners, and we’re dedicated to helping you live in a safe, insect free home. To learn more about these destructive insects, read our Termite FAQs , but if you’re ready to schedule service and get a free termite inspection reach out to us today at 919-231-3292!