If your yard is a mosquito haven, you have two options – spend all your time trapped indoors to avoid being eaten or dousing yourself with foul-smelling repellents to get time outdoors. Or, you can try a third, more effective option – Rely on Stomp Pest Control’s mosquito control program in Holly Springs. With our help, you can enjoy the outdoors without worry!

Just like our other pest control services, mosquito control is fast, easy, and hassle-free, and we provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Our Comprehensive 4 Part Mosquito Control Program

Full Mosquito Inspection

Our certified technician will begin by conducting a thorough overview of your property to pinpoint any potential breeding sites of mosquitoes, such as areas of standing water.

Mosquito Barriers and Larvacide Treatments

After determining the source of your mosquito problems, we’ll put our experience and knowledge to work to get rid of the population. Since each case is assessed differently, we tailor our treatment plan to meet the specific needs of your home. Our methods include barrier sprays, larvacide treatments, and the elimination of nesting areas, covering up to a full acre! 

Immediate Reduction of Adult Mosquitoes

Next, we will focus on reducing the adult population of mosquitos and address any problem areas around the perimeter of your home. Using a fast-acting solvent, we will work to quickly kill and remove mosquitos around your lawn, shrubs, and surface areas.  Even though the peak mosquito season is between April-October, you can contact us anytime to take advantage of our mosquito control program!

Communication and Follow-Ups

Throughout the extermination process, we will keep you up to date regarding the population size of mosquitos, problem areas to keep an eye on and ways to reduce any future nuances caused by these pesky bugs. Additionally, we provide free follow-up visits in between service to prevent mosquito issues down the road. 

The Stomp Difference

Many people assume that all extermination companies throughout the Holly Springs area are the same, but we go well beyond other companies with our comprehensive treatment and dedication to service. We call this The Stomp Difference!

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