If you’re tired of seeing ants in your kitchen, or you can’t go outside because of swarms of bees and mosquitoes, don’t waste time or money on store-bought bug sprays and traps. With professional pest control for your Wendell home from Stomp, pests won’t be a problem at all!

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Affordable Pest Control in Wendell

We take pride in offering some of the most affordable and effective pest control services in the area. All packages include a full barrier spray around the exterior of your home, as well as in-home treatments as needed. Plus, all our services are always backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

With our extermination services, we can exterminate the following common pests:

Why Choose Us for Pest Control?

Stomp Pest Control is locally owned and operated, which means we believe in treating our customers like our neighbors and going above and beyond expectations to offer personal service. We’re there when you need us to keep your home free from pests, from the annoying ant to the dangerous wasp.

We call our mission to customer service The Stomp Difference because we know this is what allows us to stand out from the competition. We believe in friendly service, sharing information and empowering our customers, and most importantly, providing consistent, effective pest control that you can rely on. Bugs don’t have a place in your life and we’re here to make sure they don’t make your home their home.

Our Six Step Pest Control Process

We tale pride in The Stomp Difference, and this includes a comprehensive six step pest control process. When one of our technicians visits your house for treatment, you can expect:

  1. A home pest inspection by a licensed professional.
  2. An interior spot treatment and a crack and crevice treatment in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  3. Aerial defense, meaning the technician will knock down spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests. (With basic and premium programs.)
  4. A six-foot power spray around the exterior of your home and around windows, doors, and other points of entry to keep pests from reentering your house.
  5. Water activated granulation on your lawn and in planters to further protect your home from pest infestation.
  6. Continued communication about any issues between services. If anything arises, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

When You Need an Exterminator in Wendell, Call Stomp!

If insects and pests are invading your house or swarming your yard, you need to pest control from an experienced, dedicated extermination team to get them out! Call us today at (919) 231-3292 to schedule service or fill out the form below.