Pest Control for Small Flies

fruit-flies raleigh nc pest controlAre there small flies hovering around in your house?  Don’t feel bad..  A teaspoon of moisture is all you need for an infestation.

Some of the most common small flies you will encounter are:

  • Fruit Flies
  • Phorid Flies
  • Drain/Moth Flies
  • Fungus Gnats

The following are steps you can take in lowering the population:

  • Keep garbage cans and drains clean
  • Wipe counters clean after every use
  • Place produce in the refrigerator as much as possible
  • Keep doors that lead to the outside of the house closed
  • Keep windows closed – unless there are good screens on them
  • Avoid over-watering potted plants
  • Clean up debris from fruit trees, and the like, around the home
  • Clean out gunk build-up under appliances on a regular basis

Small flies are difficult to deal with, at times, but these steps, along with our treatments, will insure that the population doesn’t get out of hand.