Cockroaches are unpleasant pests from their appearance to their habits. Although cockroaches are common, some people may not know what they look like and mistake them for another bug. 

Knowing what a cockroach looks like is important so that you can spot them right away and determine the best way to get rid of them. At Stomp Pest Control, we know a thing or two about these unsightly pests and want you to know what to look for. 

We’re going to answer the question of what a cockroach looks like as well as tell you the difference between different species. We’ll also tell you how Stomp Pest Control can help you deal with any cockroach infestations in your home.

The Body of a Cockroach

what does a cockroach look like

When you’re wondering what does a cockroach look like, you want to look at its body. The body of a cockroach is oily to the touch. It can be warm or cool depending on the temperature of the environment. Their bodies are flat and oval-shaped, with a small head that is covered by a shield-like pronotum. Their mouths point down and backward.

Cockroaches have six legs that are long and spiny, allowing them to run quickly just about anywhere. They have pads located at their tarsi that are used for scaling surfaces and also allow them to walk on walls and ceilings. Some species of cockroaches have wings, but not all of them use them to fly.

Young cockroach nymphs are smaller than adults and are pale with no wings. After molting several times, these nymphs become mature adults.

Male vs. Female Cockroaches

Male cockroaches are smaller than females. Females don’t have wings, but male cockroaches do. Cockroach eggs have egg cases called oothecae that are commonly oval-shaped and dark brown.

Different Species of Cockroaches

Not all cockroaches are created equal. When you want to know what does a cockroach look like, you should know there are different species that make them different in appearance.

Let’s take a look at the different types and what you should look for.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are brown and measure about 13-16 mm long. They are usually light brown to tan and have two dark stripes behind their heads. They have 6 legs and 2 antennas, some of which are the longest antennas of all the cockroach species.

They are oval-shaped and narrow, making it easy for them to fit through extremely small openings. They also move fast and are tough to catch. 

German cockroaches are considered prolific breeders which can become a big issue. They prefer humid and warm climates and are known to travel in cardboard boxes, hats, and grocery bags. In homes, they are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are oval and very dark or black. They also have 6 legs and 2 antennas. The females are slightly larger than the males when fully grown. Both have wings that they don’t use to fly around.

These pests are also fast and hard to catch. They are resilient enough to survive outdoors in extremely cold temperatures for weeks. If they get inside homes, they are typically found in basements and crawl spaces. You can also spot them feeding on dirty and unsanitary food.

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are oval-shaped, reddish-brown pests that are one of the longest domestic species around, measuring about 40 mm in length. They also have a yellow band outlining their heads.

They are the largest species of cockroach. They have 6 legs, but no antenna. Males and females both have wings that allow them to fly short distances.

American cockroaches are also referred to as water bugs, Bombay canaries, or palmetto bugs. They are fast-moving and hard to catch. They are known to leave behind droppings that have blunt edges and side ridges. They are often mistaken for mouse droppings.

Female American cockroaches lay at least one egg capsule a week that is dark brown. Females can lay anywhere from 10-90 egg capsules over their lifetime. The eggs typically hatch around 55 days after they’re laid.

Wood Cockroaches

Wood cockroaches are oval and typically ¾”-1.25” long. They are brown or dark brown, but the males are often tan because their wings are typically a lighter shade than their bodies. Although the males have wings, they rarely use them. The females are wingless. Wood cockroaches have 6 legs and 2 antennas.

Female wood cockroaches are known to deposit their egg capsules in fallen logs, near hard-to-reach brush piles, and even inside tree stumps.

Brownbanded Cockroaches

Brownbanded cockroaches are typically ½ inch long and have 6 legs and 2 antennas. They are oval-shaped and have two light brown bands across their bodies, which is where their name comes from. They can be dark brown to tan in color.

Males have wings that reach beyond their abdomen and females have underdeveloped wings that prohibit them from flying. They tend to prefer dry locations and environments with warm temperatures. They are also known to hide their egg cases in or around furniture.

If you notice any of these cockroaches in or around your home, you’ll want to get them taken care of as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem or hoping it goes away on its own is only going to make things worse.

Do You Need Help Controlling Cockroaches?

If you have cockroaches around your home and need extermination services, Stomp Pest Control is here to help. We take pride in our work and offer a four-part guarantee so that you are completely satisfied. We know how important it is to get cockroaches and other pests out of your home as quickly as possible. You can count on us for fast and reliable service.

Stomp Pest Control provides comprehensive cockroach control and extermination services in Raleigh and surrounding areas as part of our standard pest control packages. Call us today at (919) 231-3292 or reach out to us online and experience the Stomp Difference.

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