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It’s a running joke that cockroaches will survive literally anything. It’s less funny when cockroaches invade your home because the truth is, they are hard to get rid of. DIY baits and sprays just don’t work against these disease-spreading pests, and if you see one, there could be thousands hiding in your walls, basement, or attic. If you see a roach, it’s important to call us for cockroach extermination immediately, because the problem just won’t go away on its own.

What Causes Cockroach Infestations?

Cockroaches thrive in the worst conditions and can live almost anywhere. Most people associate roaches with dirty homes, and while it’s true they are attracted to food in trash and on dirty dishes, they also are drawn to moisture, paper, and warmth. Often, someone may bring home a cardboard box that unknowingly has eggs or a roach inside and that could be all it takes for your home to get infested.

Types of Cockroaches in Willow Springs

Cockroaches come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. By properly identifying which species is inside your home, Stomp Pest Control can better take specific control measures to effectively treat the infestation.

Roach Extermination Services

Don’t delay seeking professional cockroach extermination for your home. Grocery store sprays, traps, and poisons don’t cover your whole house, and they don’t prevent new infestations from happening. Not only do cockroaches carry a wide range of diseases, they also shed their exoskeletons which, in larger quantities, can trigger respiratory distress and allergy symptoms.

At Stomp, we offer thorough extermination services to get rid of all types of pests, and our regular pest control packages make sure they stay gone. With years of extermination experience under our belts, we know exactly how to tackle the problem and safeguard your home against future threats from pests. As part of ‘The Stomp Difference“, we take the time to educate customers and our community members by providing them with important information, helping them keep their homes pest-free! 

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