Serving the Triangle area since 2008

One of the top priorities of homeowners and renters is ensuring the safety of their living space, and this includes safety from insects and other pests. Stomp Pest Control is here to help you. Since our grand opening in 2008, we have serviced thousands of homes in the Triangle Area.

High-Quality Standards with lower prices

As our company grows, we have maintained our high standards.  We attribute much of our growth to our loyal customers and our dedicated and hard-working employees.  Our goal has been to offer the most comprehensive service in the area, at the lowest prices, and with the best guarantees.

Stomp Pest Control offers a system that provides the greatest protection in the business. Each of our trucks is equipped with a 300 foot-long power-sprayer to provide a 6-foot barrier around the home—up to six times greater than what is offered by our competitors.

All of our services include granulation of the entire lawn at no extra charge, with a water-activated substance that both repels and kills common household pests.