Our Durham pest control customers appreciate our in-depth service, low prices, and promised guarantees.  The Stomp program is very effective in addressing these and other pest issues.

Our Pest Control Equipment

durham pest controlAll of our company trucks are equipped with a power sprayer and 300-foot hose. This hose allows us to intimately spray an extensive 6-foot barrier around the base of your home with products friendly and safe for all.

The sprayer also helps us to treat areas that have not easily accessible such as underneath decks, crawl space, and in high portions of the house.

Several Durham pest control companies use a handheld sprayer which will only release several inches of coverage, missing important cracks and crevices and other areas where pests nest.
It is important to keep in mind that it is harder for a pest to get past a 6-foot barrier than a 2-6 inch barrier.

With fewer pests intruding into your home, you won’t need to treat the inside as often or not at all.

Water-Activated Granule

During each regular service, our Stomp Technician will spread a water-activated granule throughout your lawn and planters.

This is the most efficient and effective way to control the pest activity around your yard and lower your pest populations altogether throughout your entire property. This is completed as part of each regular service at no extra charge. Most pest control companies charge extra for this service or do not even offer it at all.

High Employee Standards

Each of our employees has gone through a rigorous interview process as well as a thorough background check before they are brought onto the team.

After hired, it is mandatory for the new employees to go through regular training and testing to ensure they’re able to perform quality and consistent work.

Our goal is to ensure we are regularly communicating with our customers, resulting in seamless and ideal working relationships.

To avoid confusion and simplify our offering,  each of our technicians is assigned a regular route. They will be familiar with the houses and serviced customers, They’ll be aware of the needs of each individual customer on their route, and help educate or resolve any pest-related issue that may arise.

Each of our customers will receive a courtesy call prior to each regular service. This allows us to talk with the customer about any concerns or issues they may have encountered in between visits.

We then put specific service notes on each customer’s account so we can perform the service according to the customer’s requests or needs.

Pest Focuses:

  • Ants:
    •  Argentine Ants
    • Fire Ants
    • Odorous House Ants
    • Ghost Ants
    • Little Black Ants
  • Spiders:
    • Black Widow Spiders
    • Brown Recluse Spiders
    • Wolf Spiders
    • Exterminator DurhamCommon House Spiders
    • Jumping Spiders
    • Orb Weaver Spiders
  • Roaches: 
    • German Roaches
    • American Roaches
    • Smoky Brown Roaches
    • Brown Band-aid Roaches
    • Oriental Roaches
    • Palmetto Bugs (also referred to as water bugs)
  • Rats and Mice:
    •  House Mice
    • Roof Rats
    • Norway Rats
    • Field Mice
  • Bees/Wasps:
    •  Paper Wasps
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Ground Bees
    • Mud Daubers (commonly referred to as Dirt Daubers)
    • Bald-faced Hornets
    • Carpenter Bees
    • Cicadas


Highest Standard

We have very high standards as far as what is to be executed at each regular service, there are several aspects of our service that are automatically built into the service, for example, we granulate the lawn and planters each regular service unless the customer requests otherwise.

With Stomp Pest Control one of our major goals is to perform a thorough and consistent service that our customers can count on. The proof of this is in our retention of our customers, and we have received numerous referrals.

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In Durham, we offer the following pest control services:

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Durham Commercial Service

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