Termites are more than a nuisance, they’re a destructive force of nature that’s responsible for causing over $5 billion dollars in damage in the United States each year. Individual homeowners with termite damage will pay an average of $3,000 in repair costs.

If you suspect your home has termites, you need to act fast. Call Stomp Pest Control today for a Free Termite Inspection. We will review your home’s potential infestation and treat it as required to get rid of termites and if needed we can also treat for other pests and keep them gone with affordable pest control packages!

Termite Damage Happens Fast

Termites are small, barely noticeable insects that feed on dead plant material and cellulose. This includes garden mulch, dead trees, cardboard, and the wood on your home. Because they thrive in warm, moist locations, they’re especially prevalent during the spring through the fall, where they take up residence within walls and in basements and attics, feasting on wooden beams, trim, subflooring, and other sources of wood. With colonies ranging in size from a few hundred to millions, after reaching a viable food source, a colony can cause extensive damage to a Raleigh home in just a few months.

When termites are caught early, removing the source of the infestation and setting up preventive termite control can save thousands of dollars in structural repairs.

Signs You May Have a Termite Problem

  • You see “swarmers” or discarded wings- Also known as reproductives, swarmers are young termites with wings. They seek out new locations like your home for new termite colonies.
  • You see mud tubes around the foundation of your home- mud tubes are created by subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are notorious for causing significant damage wherever they colonize.
  • Look for wood damage around your foundation and structures. If you see blistering pieces of wood, or even wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it, you may have a termite infestation.
  • You have paint that looks like it’s bubbling up. This could be a sign of a termite issue or even water damage. Neither should be ignored.

Our Termite Extermination Process

If you suspect termites in your home, call our pest control company, and one of our experienced technicians will be out to perform a thorough termite inspection of your home and property looking for signs of colonies or termite damage.

If we do find termites, we will bring it to your attention immediately, then we will work with you to provide a customized termite treatment plan for your home. This generally involves treating the exterior of your home around with a liquid application that kills termites immediately, preventing them from entering your home. We will also treat the inside of your home using a safe, but effective termite treatment.

Why Choose Us for Termite Control and Termite Prevention?

At Stomp Pest Control, our number one priority is ridding your home of unwanted pests and keeping them gone without breaking your budget. That’s why our locally-owned extermination company provides you with:

  • Effective termite removal methods using safe treatments to get rid of existing infestations
  • Affordable termite and pest control packages to prevent insects and termites from coming back.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact Us for Termite Extermination in Raleigh

We want you to live in a safe, healthy home free of worry about termite damage which is why we provide comprehensive removal and termite prevention services. Not sure what to look for or how to tell if you have termites? Check out our Termite FAQs to learn the signs of a termite infestation, how we treat termites, and how to prevent them from coming back!