Travis Andrew

Owner / Founder / Manager


NC Structural pest control licensee 1913P, Degree in Health Science with an emphasis in public health, Eagle Scout, 1st place in pine wood derby

About me:

Grew up in Idaho, where I learned the importance of hard work from my parents and working for my uncle on his potato farm. While at college, I met my wife country dancing. Yee-haw! I’ve been married for over 13 years, and we have four adorable children! In 2003 I took a job at a pest control company in Texas, and worked for the same Pest Control company in California, and Arizona holding various positions including service technician, route coordinator, and a manager. During my time working for this company I learned to appreciate their quality pest control program, and decided to start my own company in Raleigh, North Carolina. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, surfing, fishing, camping, and eating.

Jared Abbott

Assistant Manager

P-phase Certified since May 2014

I was born and raised right here in NC!  I’m happily married with 2 children, who keep mom and I on our toes.  I currently live in Smithfield, NC.  The commute is worth it for Stomp!  I studied business management, with an emphasis in finance at BYU-Idaho – I loved it there!  That’s also where I met the love of my life. Some of my interests include reading (mostly entrepreneur/business books), playing basketball, watching movies with my wife (watching with the kids usually doesn’t work out), being outside with the family.  I can’t say bugs are necessarily a passion of mine (they’re gross), but I love the pest control business and the service that it is to society.

Alexis Hamm

Office Administrative Assistant

I was born & raised in Rocky Mount, NC. I have two rad little boys who are my right hand men. One day on a whim I decided it was time for my boys & I to explore a new place, so we chose the big city of Raleigh! We fell in love with Raleigh’s fast pace. The people here are amazing! Outside of Stomp, hockey is our life! (Go Canes!) My oldest son (Cayden) plays for the Junior Hurricanes, & my youngest (Gus) practices every day so he can follow in his footsteps. I never thought I would be working in the Pest Control business, but I’m loving it!

Nick DeWolfe

Head Technician

P-phase Certified since March 2018

I was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC! Currently it is all about the bug life for me! I work with a great group of guys and actually have the privilege to help continue education and knowledge in our line of work! I studied computer science right here in Raleigh, but Bugs prevailed to be my true passion in life.

In my free time I love to DJ and work on my personal live sound and entertainment business. I also love to play drums, work in my yard, spend time with friends & family, and kill bugs in and out of the workplace! I take great pride in providing the most knowledgeable, and effective service possible as well as passing along the torch to our newer technicians!

Josh Mathis

Certified Technician

P-phase and W-phase Certified since March 2018

I was born in Georgia, but raised in Rocky Mount, NC.  I’ve been in the Structural Pest Control industry for a long time – going on 10 years!  I have also specialized in other areas, besides insects; such as mold remediation, some plumbing, and irrigation work as well.  I’m currently working on becoming licensed in wood destroying organisms – this will bring a new phase of licensing and service to Stomp Pest Control, allowing us to treat for termites, etc.

On my free time, I love hanging out with my sweet daughter, friends, and family.  My hobbies include skateboarding, playing my guitar, hiking, fishing, and playing in mud.  I really like good art as well.  I love working here at Stomp, and am looking forward to a fantastic future with the company.

Heath Caviness

Certified Technician

P-phase Certified since December 2018

Rocky Mount, NC, born and raised!  Never thought I’d be working in the Pest Control industry, but honestly I’m having the time of my life!  Currently working on an Industrial Systems Technology degree (as in I need to get back to Nash Community College to complete it).  For now, my focus is Stomp Pest Control.

I have been in love with music for almost the entirety of my 26 years alive.  I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years, and the drums for 15.  Also, I’m a lover of automobiles and all things motorsports.  If you need a tech to talk to about cars while getting rid of your ants at the same time, I’m your guy!

Keenen Everette


Registered Technician since April 2019

I was born in North Carolina, but I also lived in Burmuda for a while, so I call both my home.  I’m new here at Stomp Pest Control – started in March 2019!  Prior to working here, I was a Manager with Rent-A-Center.  I’m glad not to have to get on people’s cases to pay their bills anymore – now I just bother bugs. 😉

In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and family.  A hobby of mine would be playing basketball, even though I’m more built for football.  5 years from now, I see myself married with kids.

Mitchell Pruitt

Certified Technician

P- Phase Certified Technician since January 2019

I’m a pretty average millennial, with a pretty average schedule.  By day I work to control household pests, and by night I attend the University.  My schedule is Mon-Fri with work and school, so I’m grateful to have weekends off to allow me to catch up on my studies and rest.

I love my boss and all my co-workers.  Really, I love my job in general – helping to get rid of pests, and giving back a families living space gives me a sense of meaning.  If I happen to have any spare time, I’m a video game junkie – specializing in Battle Royale style games, like Apex Legends and Fortnite (PS4 Pro).

Austin Hughes


Registered Technician since February 2019