At Stomp Pest Control our business is making sure Knightdale homes are pest-free. Ants, rodents and other pests don’t have a place in your home. We can get rid of them and make sure they don’t come back. We not only make our customers our top priority, but we also make our services affordable.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Knightdale?

Our service programs start at just $25 a month with the most expensive program costing just $45 a month. No matter which one you choose, you can count on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We promise to use only the best products and most effective methods to get rid of bugs and other pests at your home. Our services include treatment for the following pests:

Stomp Pest Control will also return to your home to retreat problem areas between regularly scheduled services for FREE.

What Makes Stomp Pest Control Different Than the Competition?

We pride ourselves on offering the “Stomp Difference”. The Stomp Difference is our focus on quality service at affordable prices. We can do this because we are locally owned and operated. Since we don’t have many of the costs associated with franchise companies, we can pass along these savings to you. We also focus on finding out where your pests are coming from in order to treat them effectively and make sure they don’t return. The majority of the time, pests are coming from the outside and making their way into your home. That’s why we add a preventative barrier on the outside of your home.

What Does the “Stomp Difference” Mean for Homes & Businesses in Knightdale?

If you’re wondering what the “Stomp Difference” would look like in action at your home or business in Knightdale, here’s a look at the process:

  • A home pest inspection by a licensed professional.
  • An interior spot treatment and a crack and crevice treatment in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Aerial defense with basic and premium programs. A technician will knock down spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests.
  • A six-foot power spray around the exterior of your home and other points of entry.
  • Water-activated granulation on your lawn and in planters.
  • Continued communication about any issues between services.

At Stomp Pest Control, we are constantly learning about products and methods to improve our services. We focus on the quality and effectiveness of the products to give you the best service and to evict those nasty pests from your home. You can count on products that are child and pet-friendly as well as consistent service. Our customers have come to rely on this and is why they stick with us and refer us to their friends and family.

Let us Stomp the Pests out of Your Home in Knightdale!

If you’re tired of pests and critters wreaking havoc in your Knightdale home or yard, it’s time to stomp them out! Call us today at (919) 231-3292 to schedule a free estimate or fill out the form below.