Are you looking for quality pest control in Raleigh? Don’t let the rise of pest population ruin the amazing weather. At Stomp Pest Control, we always put our customers first.

By focusing on transparent customer relationships, we’re able to avoid disconnect and work as efficiently as possible. Stomp Pest Control’s experienced team all have true passions for both customer service and insects.

We have been trained in the safe handling and proper application of all of our offered pest treatments. Our entire team is educated and trained in the elimination of your specific pest problem and the prevention of its return.

Stomp Pest Control’s Process

1. Assessment

Identifying which pests are intruding into your home is the first step of our strategy. Because we understand that all circumstances are unique and different, every service project is custom tailored to your home based on numerous factors, a few of which include the location of your home, the age of your home, and past pest history of the home.

2. Pest Extermination

We waste no time in removing the pesky insects after identifying which ones are the intruders. One perk of hiring seasoned professionals means you don’t have to be concerned about any environmental or health impacts of the products used. Stomp Pest Control’s process aims at using the safest and least amount of product possible in order to get the best results.

3. Observation

Regardless of the problem you’re facing, Stomp Pest Control is here to help. To learn more about Stomp Pest Control’s quality guarantee, re-service guarantee, price guarantee, and pest control guarantee, check out Stomp Pest Control’s Satisfaction Guarantee. In most cases, you can expect to see a significant and noticeable reduction in pest activity within one to two days. The exact timeframe depends on the pest we’re dealing with along with the choice of materials necessary to provide the best long-term results. With that being said, it is not uncommon to notice a gradual reduction for up to two weeks. If you notice pest activity after a week, please contact Stomp Pest Control to set up a follow-up service.

Hire a Raleigh Pest Exterminator You Can Trust

Most pest inspectors, both experienced and inexperienced, will tell you they’re seen great results with their strategy. While on the subject of pest inspectors’ results, be sure to press for details such as:

  • A time where a customer was most impressed with the company’s excellent customer service and results
  • How the company reacted to their most difficult customer
  • Asking about the greatest success the company has experienced within the past year or so
  • How does the company stand out amongst their competitors
  • How were the company’s employees trained in the safety department
  • The experience level of each team member

Stomp Pest Control Deals With Several Insects Including:

  • Ants:
    •  Argentine Ants
    • Fire Ants
    • Odorous House Ants
    • Ghost Ants
    • Little Black Ants
  • Spiders:
    • Black Widow Spiders
    • Brown Recluse Spiders
    • Wolf Spiders
    • Common House Spiders
    • Jumping Spiders
    • Orb Weaver Spiders
  • Roaches: 
    • German Roaches
    • American Roaches
    • Smoky Brown Roaches
    • Brown Band-aid Roaches
    • Oriental Roaches
    • Palmetto Bugs (also referred to as water bugs)
  • Rats and Mice:
    •  House Mice
    • Roof Rats
    • Norway Rats
    • Field Mice
  • Bees/Wasps:
    •  Paper Wasps
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Ground Bees
    • Mud Daubers (also referred to as Dirt Daubers)
    • Bald-faced Hornets
    • Carpenter Bees
    • Cicadas

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The major pests that people deal with in the Raleigh area are ants, spiders, roaches, and mosquitoes.  The Stomp program is very effective in addressing these and other pest issues.

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