Many people assume that all pest control companies are the same.  This is not true. Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page where we provide valuable pest extermination insight.

Stomp Pest Control was created with the customer in mind.  Our goal was to make our program the most comprehensive and effective pest control service in Raleigh and surrounding areas while offering the most affordable prices.  People want an effective and comprehensive service that includes extra services at no additional cost.

Locally owned and operated

We can offer quality pest control that is affordable because Stomp Pest Control is locally owned and operated.

We do not have to pay any franchise fees, and we don’t have an expensive ad campaign with commercials and radio ads. As a result our overhead is minimal, which saves you money. We also strive to schedule our daily routes in the most efficient way to minimize the cost of fuel and travel time.

Our Focus is the Outside

“Where are they coming from?!?”

This is a question we getting almost daily.  The answer, 99.9% of the time is that the pests are coming from the outside.  Each time we come out, we’ll add a preventative barrier on the outside of your home, so a minimal amount of pests actually enter the home.

Yard Coverage

(Premium Program)

Fire ants, along with a few other pests, like to hang out in our lawns – we don’t like this.  With our Premium Program, we’re able to walk around the yard as we treat the base of the home, and make sure that no ant mounds are popping up.  If you ever have ant mounds that pop up in-between our quarterly visits, we’ll come out and eliminate them at no extra cost – ANY TIME.

Spider Elimination

(Basic and Premium Programs)

Spider Pest Control

One of our major focuses, when we are out servicing a home, is to thoroughly knock down the spider webs and wasp nests up in the eaves and around the windows and doors.

Many companies do not perform this service or do it poorly. Some people may not think that this is a big deal, but by knocking down the spider webs and wasp nests it eliminates many future problems that result from spider eggs and wasp hatching. Some spider egg sacs can contain up to 500 eggs.

Fire Ants Extermination

Here in the south, fire ants are a big problem. Unlike many companies who charge extra for fire ants, treating for fire ants is included at no additional cost to our customers along with our other commercial and residential ant extermination services.

When treating for fire ants we not only treat the individual fire ant mounds we also treat the full lawn with a water activated granule that helps prevent the fire ants from relocating.

Mosquito Extermination

  • Pest Exterminator DurhamMosquito barriers and larvicide treatment implementation to prevent future-proof residential or commercial property
  • Full-service mosquito inspection with subject matter experts equipped with resources to formulate a solution to the pest issue in a timely manner
  • Fast and effective reduction of adult mosquitoes  resulting in optimal pest monitoring and growth maintenance

High standards for our employees

We have very high standards for our employees.

Each of our employees has gone through a thorough interview process and background check before they are even hired. Once they are hired it is mandatory for them to go through regular training and testing and this is an ongoing process throughout there employment, as a result our our service technicians are sharp and are always expanding their knowledge.

Our goal is to make sure that we are always communicating with our customers; to achieve this each of our technicians is assigned a regular route. They will be familiar with the houses and customers that they service, and better aware of the needs of each individual customer. Each of our customers will receive a courtesy call prior to each regular service. This allows us to talk with the customer about any concerns or issues they may have encountered in between visits. We then put specific service notes on each customers account so we can perform the service according to the customers requests or needs.

Focus on the quality and effectiveness

We are constantly learning about products and methods that can make our service even better.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not focus on the cost of the products; we focus on the quality and effectiveness. Our goal is to always use premier products that are child and pet-friendly and to apply them in the most effective and safe manner.

Highest Standard

One of the biggest complaints many people have with their pest control company is that one service technician will do one thing and another technician will do another and the customer gets frustrated with inconsistency of the service.

With Stomp Pest Control one of our major goals is to perform a thorough and consistent service that our customers can count on. The proof of this is in our retention of our customers, and we have received numerous referrals.

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