Nothing can chew through your patience more than a termite problem. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates termites cause $40 billion per year in damages globally and are responsible for destroying 600,000 homes in the United States annually. this happens mostly because terminates cause structural damage to your home, a steep cost of unintentionally hosting these expensive house pests.

Stomp Pest Control can protect you from unsightly repair bills with our comprehensive termite removal services in Cary and surrounding areas.

How a Termite Infestation Begins

Termites like dark and moist areas, gravitating  below the surface of the wood causing it to swell. There are two main ways that termites may come to infest your house; by air and through the ground. Here are ways discussing how termites enter your home.

  1. Drywood termite infestation typically occurs when an existing colony sends out flying termite swarmers. Once these swarmers find a wooden crevice in your home, they shed their wings, carve out a little nest, and begin laying eggs to start a brand new termite colony.
  2.  Subterranean termites, whose colonies are underground, may enter your home through its foundations. As these termites forage for food, they may stumble upon a rich new food source – your house. Subterranean termites commonly build mud tunnels over foundation walls to access the wooden parts of the structure. Subterranean termites are responsible for 95% of termite damage in the United States.

Termite Misconceptions

  • Liquid termite treatments will break down over time Doesn’t matter who does the treatment and what material is being used. Your home will become vulnerable to future termites advances by the same or different termite colonies.
  • It is impossible to apply a perfect “barrier” around your home where every square inch of your foundation is covered. It’s inevitability that small gaps will exist as a potential entrance allowing termites into the structure unharmed.
  • It is probable that many termite colonies are living near the foundation of your home. Termites found in monitoring devices outside do not always attack a house.
  • Termite Damage is most often hidden within walls and may not be found during an interior inspection by the most skilled technicians.

The Stomp Control Difference

At our termite and pest control company, we prioritize your safe and offer effective solutions for getting rid of insects, vermin, and pests and keeping them gone. To provide the best customer service possible, we offer fast removal and affordable packages that include our 6-step pest control process:

  • Home inspection to provide custom extermination services
  • Spot treatments inside the home and infestation removal
  • Aerial defense to make sure nests aren’t forming in the higher part of the house, like the eaves and doors.
  • Six-foot power spray around the exterior to keep termites from nesting in your flower beds and around your home.
  • Water-activated granulation
  • On-going communication so you can let us know if you have any issues in between treatments.

Save Money and Call Stomp Pest Control Today!

Termite damage can be devastating to homeowners, not to mention costly! We’re dedicated to better providing you a safe, insect free home. To learn more about these destructive insects, read our Termite FAQs , but if you’re ready to schedule service and get a free termite inspection reach out to us today at 919-231-3292!