Occasional Invaders

A springtail on a leaf, picture here, is beneficial to the environment. However, a spring in house areas can become a pest problem.


Springtails thrive in high-moisture areas, such as in damp yard debris and around leaky faucets. If you’ve noticed them in around your home, join our pest technicians as they answer common questions about springtails and help you learn how to manage their population.  

women in hot tub free of hot tub pests

How to Keep Out Hot Tub Pests

From using proper covers to properly sealing gaps and using other deterrents, there are several ways you can keep pests such as frogs and insects out of your hot tub. Learn about our top 10 tips for keeping pests out of your hot tub!

Earwigs Pest Control Raleigh

Earwigs Q&A

Learn more about earwigs and how you can help prevent them from getting into your home.

Ladybugs in Raleigh

Ladybug Q&A in North Carolina

Although ladybugs are harmless and cute looking, they can be a nuisance when they get in your home. Learn how we can prevent that from happening.