Occastional Invaders


Have you ever seen a bunch of tiny gray bugs that sometimes leap when you try to touch them (if you’re brave enough)?  Those are most likely springtails.  They generally do no damage, but you may consider them pests (if you’re normal) because they are often encountered in large numbers.   “They got hops!” If...

Clover Mites in Raleigh

Clover Mites

Customer:  “I’m seeing these little red bugs ALL over my cement patio by my pool…  They’re grossing me out!” STOMP:  “Stay calm, those are just Clover Mites.” We have this conversation with one of our customers at least once a week during the early-summer and fall months.  Don’t feel bad if this happens to you. ...

Ladybugs in Raleigh


Ladybugs are pretty cute as far as insects go, and they are actually beneficial to have around.  They are sometimes referred to as “natural pest control”; they feed on garden pests like aphids and spider mites.  Humans and ladybugs generally have a good working relationship.  They don’t bother us, we don’t bother them.  Come autumn,...

Earwigs Pest Control in Raleigh


Most of us can recognize an earwig when we see one, their pincers are the giveaway.  Earwigs are reddish-brown in color, and are slightly over ½ inch long.  Although they are somewhat creepy in appearance, earwigs are primarily just nuisance pests.  Earwigs, both the young and the adults, require moisture to live.  They are usually...

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