You’re putting away groceries one day and as you go to put a bottle of dish detergent under the sink, there it is — a cockroach. Yikes. How can this happen when you keep a clean house? Aren’t roaches attracted to food, dishes, and trash? Where do roaches come from anyway?

What you may not realize is that the leaky pipe, a damp basement, or even a poorly draining yard can all be the cause of your problem because roaches are attracted to water. Our cockroach extermination company in Raleigh is breaking down this connection, how to know if you have an infestation, and what you need to do to get rid of roaches and keep them gone.

Why Are Roaches Drawn to Water?

Roaches are driven by their survival instincts, and part of this is their unceasing search for food. They have powerful senses of smell and can easily track food, which, for cockroaches, is anything organic (carbon or plant based, not the grocery term for organic). This includes human food, like bread, cereal crumbs, or sugary-residue in a soda can, but it also includes cardboard, paper, and even animal messes and dead bugs.

While cockroaches can go for a long period, days, even, without eating, they have to have a regular source of water, particularly the American cockroach. It’s no mistake this variety is often called a waterbug. These large roaches are most often found in sewers and storm drains living in massive colonies of thousands, but any water source will draw them. This includes a leaking pipe under a sink, pet’s water dish, or a gutter and downspout right outside your house. German cockroaches are also common in North Carolina and share similar traits and habitats to their American counterpart.

It’s important to keep in mind they don’t need a lot of water. Just a few drops consistently are enough to sustain a large colony of roaches so any area of your home with water damage, mildew and mold, or high humidity is a haven for this disease spreading pests.

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs and Roaches

Cockroaches multiply fast, and even if you only see one, there could be thousands living in your attic, basement, or within your walls. First, call a local pest control company to get rid of the bugs you have. This is not a time for DIY roach traps that may only take out a fraction of the population. You need professional help. A pest control company can spray in and around your home to successfully eradicate the roaches and larvae.

Next, eliminate moisture in and around your home with these steps:

  • Directing drainspouts away from your home;
  • Checking all pipes for leaks;
  • Looking for water damage and mold in your home to where the water source is;
  • Put away pet water dishes over night or when not in use;
  • Adding a dehumidifier to areas where condensation may collect;

In more extreme cases, having your attic and basement or crawl space encapsulated or waterproofed can prevent moisture in these spaces and stop the bug problem.

Preventing Cockroaches from Returning to Water

If cockroaches found a water source before, unless it’s corrected, they’ll be back. In addition to keeping food and trash packaged and sealed and keeping water sources minimized, you’ll also want to consider having regular pest control visit your home. With a preventative barrier spray, roaches won’t be able to enter your home to begin with, keeping your home safer, cleaner, and free of nasty pests. And don’t think that you’re necessarily safe from infestation in the winter months as cockroaches will still show up to moisture sources in your home then too. Winter pest control can help to prevent this.

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