Should you worry about carpenter bees around your home? Are they harmless or should you have a pest control company come exterminate them? In this article, we’ll uncover how carpenter bees can affect your living space. In short, while they aren’t aggressive, they can cause damage to your home and other structures on your property. If carpenter bees have invaded your outdoor living space and you need an exterminator in Raleigh, NC, reach out to Stop Pest Control. Our team is happy to help.

What is a Carpenter Bee?

Carpenter bees are commonly mistaken for bumblebees. So, how can you distinguish the difference? They can be identified by their black and yellow markings, and they usually have a shiny abdomen. A carpenter bee is larger than a bumblebee and it typically hovers in one place for a long time. These bees often nest in wood, creating tunnels that can weaken the structural integrity of your home and other structures.

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When Do Carpenter Bees Reproduce?

Carpenter bees reproduce during the late spring and summer months. During these warmer periods, carpenter bees will create tunnels in wood to lay eggs and ensure their survival. If carpenter bees are left uninterrupted, they can continue to procreate and cause quite a bit of damage to your property.

What Types of Structures Do Carpenter Bees Invade?

While carpenter bees are only attracted to wood (and flowers), you might be surprised to learn how many wooden structures you actually have around your home. These pests drill holes in wood and make nests. Whether it is your home’s wooden siding, patio furniture, or even wooden bird boxes and sheds – carpenter bees will make these spots their own.

Do Carpenter Bees Cause Structural Damage?

In short, the answer is no. Neither one bee nor fifty will cause a large wooden structure, such as a wooden deck, to collapse. However, you likely don’t want holes drilled into your home’s siding or other wooden structures around your home because it’s not attractive. Plus, if there is a chance you’ll sell your home in the future, the cosmetic damage of carpenter bees will lower the value of your home. So, it’s best to stay on top of matters and exterminate carpenter bees before they become too invasive.

Are Carpenter Bees a Cause for Concern?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is up to you. If you have noticed a single carpenter bee flying around outside, they may not be a reason to take action just yet. However, you should bear in mind that where there is one carpenter bee, there is likely more. We encourage you to keep a keen eye out for more bees and take corrective action as necessary. To that end, the female carpenter bee is capable of laying 6-8 eggs. Now, you’re left with at least eight bees who are capable of infesting your space.

What is the Best Way to Deter Carpenter Bees?

A carpenter bee is resting on a small pink flower.

If you want to discourage carpenter bees from nesting on your property, there are a few home solutions you can utilize. Before you opt for professional pest control, you might be interested in trying to eradicate bees using natural substances or by sealing gaps in wooden structures to discourage bees from nesting around your home.

Natural Oils

Natural oil, such as almond oil and citrus oil can be sprayed anywhere you believe a female bee may be tempted to nest. These oils won’t damage the wood, but it will make a carpenter bee think twice about nesting nearby.

Wind Chimes

Carpenter bees are disrupted by the sounds and vibrations a wind chime gives off. To this end, hanging a wind chime near a play where you suspect a carpenter bee has taken up nesting will encourage the bee to eradicate the space and find a place to nest elsewhere.

Fill Old Holes

If you notice any unoccupied, old carpenter bee holes, we recommend you fill them so new carpenter bees can’t take up nesting in these spaces. Unlike birds, carpenter bees will happily reuse old nests. A great time to fill in holes is in the winter when carpenter bees aren’t inhabiting the space.

Paint or Varnish Wooden Surfaces

Carpenter bees are more likely to drill holes in soft, uncoated wood. A couple of ways to deter them from doing so is by painting the wood or simply applying a coat of clear varnish to the wood if you don’t want to color the wood.

Create Bee-Friendly Spaces

This may seem counteractive, but providing carpenter bees their own, separate home, away from your house, is a great way to encourage them to pollinate your garden whilst leaving your home and other wood structures alone. Additionally, having a natural outdoor space, such as piles of leaves and compost bins, allow bees to nest naturally in the winter. Thus, they will be more likely to leave your wooden structures alone and seek warmth in organic matter around your property. Plus, by having a natural, organic outdoor space, bees will pollinate your flowers and help create a beautiful garden for you when the spring season rolls around.

Should Carpenter Bees be Exterminated?

If you have noticed carpenter bees in your garden but nowhere else, you should probably leave them be (no pun intended). They are phenomenal pollinators and essential to local ecosystems. Although bees are often considered pests because of their ability to damage wooden structures, they are beneficial.

In fact, bees pollinate 15% of agricultural crops in the US. All of this is to reiterate that if carpenter bees are simply hanging out in your garden and not drilling holes in your wooden structures, you can leave them alone. However, if they are causing damage to your outdoor furniture and/or house, it’s time to call a professional exterminator.

Call Stomp Pest Control to Eradicate Invasive Carpenter Bees

The best way to stop carpenter bees from nesting in your wood is to call a professional exterminator. Our pest control team at Stomp Pest Control in Raleigh, NC is well-versed in using the proper methods to exterminate pests in and around homes. If you have a carpenter bee problem you can’t seem to eradicate on your own, we are happy to help out. Our packages start at $25/month, or, you can opt for a single extermination service. Plus, all of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so your needs are sure to be met. Call us today at (919) 231-3292 or fill out the form below to learn more about how Stomp Pest Control can help eliminate invasive carpenter bees near your home.

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