Raleigh termite control

It is important to prevent termites from invading your home instead of waiting until it’s too late. If you wait until termites have already invaded your home it will be more difficult to keep your home free from the invasive species. During the winter and summer months it is important to stay diligent with your pest control services in order to properly protect your home.

How Can You Prevent Termite Infestations?

As the weather gets warmer during the spring months, it is common for termite infestations to spread. It is important to receive regular pest control inspections from a certified professional in order to protect your home from termites. Our certified termite control company in Raleigh will help address issues about your home that can lead to termite infestations such as gaps into the foundation of your home, excess moisture, and available food sources for termites to spread.

Remove Excess Moisture From Your Home

Termites and other invasive species desperately need moisture to survive and spread. This makes it incredibly important to remove all excess moisture from the inside of your home as well as the outside of your home.

  • Inspect the foundation of your home for signs of moisture that can lead to termites infesting into the foundation. The foundation of your home is one of the most important aspect to the health of your home. If the foundation of your home gets compromised from termites it can be detrimental to your home.
  • Moisture and excess water is common in crawlspaces and basement areas because of them being built directly into the ground. Water and moisture can lead to a variety of different issues when they contaminate your basement or crawlspace. One of the main issues with moisture in your basement is the development of mold but also the vast infestation of pests that thrive on the moisture.
  • Plumbing issues can lead to growth of termites colonies because the moisture creates a great habitat for the pests. It is important to analyze your plumbing systems, air conditioner, and gutters to make sure there isn’t excess moisture building up.

Remove Access Into Your Home

Termites as well as other pests will search for any small gap into your home that they can find. This is common for rats but also incredibly common for termites. Termites will search for a small gap in your home to find a new habitat to build their colony.

  • Our pest control professionals will analyze your home for any gaps or entry points in which pests will take advantage of. This means analyzing the doors, windows, foundation, and any other entry points that termites could enter through.
  • Termites will actively seek for wood that is contact with the ground as it creates an easy entrance into your home. It is important to limit any wood that has contact with the ground in order to protect your home from termites.

Limit Food Sources That Termites Thrive On

Termites thrive on food sources such as wood or mulch that have been exposed to moisture. If your home has food sources it won’t take long for termites to find the food and begin to build their colony. It is important to protect your home from termites by limiting the food that they thrive on.

  • Cellulose is a material that is commonly found in your home or in your basement that can lead to the infestation of termites. It is important to utilize materials that don’t contain cellulose such as cellulose-free landscaping mulch.
  • Wood is also a food source for termites which makes it important to remove wood that has direct contact with the ground. It is important to keep wood at least six inches off the ground to limit the ability of termites to infest the wood.

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